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Hygienists united for airway health.

Supporting Registered Dental Hygienists world wide who practice myofunctional therapy and breathing re-education.

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Silver Membership

For Licensed or Registered Dental Hygienists curious about airway practice or studying to become an Airway Hygienist.

Gold Membership

For Licensed or Registered Dental Hygienists practicing as Airway Hygienists utilizing myofunctional therapy, breathing re-education, or other related alternative health therapies.



Support the IAAH without a membership. Donations are greatly appreciated and are used to fund membership benefits. All staff and organizers are unpaid volunteers.

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"I am extremely excited and proud to be a part of such a trail blazing organization. The IAAH is exactly what our group of professionals need and it could not have come at a better time. Dental hygienists focused on airway health no longer have to hide in the shadows of other professionals We are here to unite and support one another, all while creating brand awareness and advocating for ourselves as a group! One of the greatest benefits of becoming a member of IAAH is that you no longer have to tread on this journey alone!" 


Orofacial Myologist 

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